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Incredible Predictions on Email

MailFX is a magic app which allows you to make killer predictions by sending emails to spectator in advance about their freely thought of name, celebrity, pin code, or any other information.


App Features

MailFX is simple to set up and easy to perform, yet it is sure to leave your audience in awe. Some key features include:

Personalized Photos

Create custom predictions with any of your personalized photos with an easy to use interface.

App Integrations

Connect your favorite magic apps to automatically reveal the transmitted information in the email.

Custom Fonts

You can use built in default fonts and also upload your own fonts for the prediction.


How Does This App Work?

  • Send Email in Advance

    Performer sends email in advance to the spectator's email address. Spectator can check and acknowledge receipt of email.

  • Perform the routine

    Performer asks the spectator to think of any information like favorite celebrity, city, food etc. depending upon the presentation style.

  • Reveal Prediction on Email

    Have the spectator open the email which was sent to them in advance. The prediction in email will match the information that the spectator was thinking of.

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Perfect Memento for Spectators

If you're looking to add a new, jaw-dropping element to your next magic or mentalism piece, give MailFX a try!

  • Performer sends email from their own personal email address.
  • Email timestamp proves that prediction was sent in advance.
  • Email remains on spectators phone as a memento.

Prediction Photos

You can tailor your prediction photos to suit your audience and performance style. These are few of the prediction photos generated using MailFX.

slide 18
slide 13
slide 10
slide 6
slide 1
slide 2
slide 3
slide 4
slide 7
slide 8
slide 5
slide 12
slide 11
slide 14
slide 15

Find out more information!

Some frequently asked questions regarding MailFX are answered here.

Yes you can use any of your own personal email account. MailFX allows you to link your personal email account whether it is from free services like GMail, Outlook etc or your own domain email account.

MailFX is perfect for magicians of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this trick is a great addition to your repertoire. It's a versatile trick that can be performed in a variety of settings, from stage shows to close-up performances.

Once you have linked your email account and created photo preset, rest of the work is done by the App itself.

You can use the Manual Mode inside the App to perform the effect on standalone basis without using any other magic app.

MailFX offers integrations with Inject, WikiTest, Elips, EarWorm, TimeSmith, RainMan Pro, Cipher Pro, Cognito and Maxim Apps so you can also use those apps as input method for your email predictions.